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shark deterrent TECH(TM)
Blackwater custom
Equipped with a tried and tested optical distorting pattern on the underside, you can take this board anywhere. It has a hydrodynamic displacement nose to cut through open ocean swell and narrow rails for optimal glide. Go faster and further with the refined Blackwater Custom.
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Shark deterrent tech(tm)
Visually distorting pattern
"Sharks decision to attack occurs in the last 2 seconds, based largely on their optical sensory"
Blackwater custom

Explore Islands

BlackWater Custom

A dynamic and multi purpose board that will take you the extra mile. Get social with your SUP and fill your weekends with Island hopping adventures throughout the Haruaki Gulf. The perfect step-up SUP!

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sustainable kiwi enterprise

At Maverick SUP Co. we're dedicated to doing our part in driving sustainable change and giving support organisations that align with our values. Our mission is to create a better #earth4everyone!

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